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The Gift Med Students Really Want This Holiday Season

Written by December 19, 2019
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Skip the fancy socks—med students want to pass their final exams.

There’s only one thing that busy medical students really want for Christmas: to pass their exams and get one step closer to becoming a doctor. They’ve been working toward this goal for years (though it might seem like much longer sometimes!), and every exam lets them check one more box towards completion. 

Between hands-on experience in the hospital and formal classroom training, medical students have a mountain of information being thrown at them at all times. It’s not easy to process everything they learn, and students often focus more on passing the next test than truly connecting their knowledge to their experiences. 

Having the right framework and fundamentals can help them apply what they learn and keep their eyes on the bigger picture—becoming the capable physician their future patients deserve.

Getting Past Tunnel Vision 

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Even for current students, the medical world moves at lightning speed. Students must soak up as much information as they can, both in the hospital and in the classroom. But the demanding pace can lead to only seeing the next test ahead, not taking the time to truly comprehend topics along the way.

This leads to entering into “survival mode.” Students put all their energy into simply getting by and regurgitating facts. By doing this, they can fail to see patterns and make connections that leads to true comprehension. 

Though high test scores can provide enough motivation to keep students on track, they do little to help students break out of “survival mode” and apply what they’ve learned. 

A Better Path Toward a Successful Medical Career

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Being a great physician requires more than factual knowledge. It’s also about being a caring, approachable person that is focused on the patient and not just keeping their head above water. Exceptional doctors begin with the science of medicine and learn how to apply it to their experience. They constantly reflect on their knowledge and the outcomes they achieve, and they learn from each opportunity.

Med school curricula are structured to ensure this natural progression (science, experience, practice, expertise), but students who experience tunnel vision often fail to capitalize on this method of learning. They then enter into clinical rotations or a fellowship, and it quickly becomes obvious they are behind. They realize that their former state of “just getting by” isn’t going to allow them to become the successful physician they once envisioned themselves as.

OnlineMedEd seeks to change the way medical students learn and grow in their education by providing a structured methodology for every phase. We’ve transformed medical knowledge into a learning platform that sticks and allows each student to learn at a faster pace. As a result, students can focus beyond their next test and put their newfound knowledge to work.

If you’re looking for the best Christmas present for a medical student, get it right the first time with OnlineMedEd—it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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