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Laurent Duvernay-Tardif: NFL Player & OnlineMedEd Alumnus

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif wearing a white coat with his NFL number on the back Laurent Duvernay-Tardif wearing a white coat with his NFL number on the back

The entire reason OnlineMedEd exists is because it’s not easy to become a doctor. Even the brilliant, extraordinary people who decide to take on medical school need support and tools to get them through the extreme mental and physical demands.

But then there are those who do double duty. New mothers who are studying in the few precious hours while their newborn naps. Doctors like Alex Lake, who suffered a massive brain injury while in med school and still succeeded. And recently, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, M.D., the NFL player who used OnlineMedEd to cram all of med school into the extremely limited time he had outside of the demands of playing football on the world stage. 


An image linking to a YouTube video titled, "The First Active NFL Player to Become a Doctor"


I am extremely proud to watch this video. These types of exemplary people showcase extraordinary will, and OnlineMedEd is honored to support them with a curriculum that helps them reach their north star more effectively and easily. 



Our platform teaches everything you need and nothing you don’t. It saves your precious time and energy, the most valuable commodities of all. 

I should know. I was working as a Clerkship Director while essentially reviewing all of med school over again so I could teach it in a new way. I had two vastly different commitments, and it’s exactly why I wanted to give med students a different way to learn.

Med school throws a ton of information at you, constantly. Some you need at the time, some that won’t be relevant for years. Our curriculum aims to condense the facts and show the bigger picture. It teaches you the “why” along with the “what” so it makes sense, and you don’t spend years developing connections you could have used long ago. 

It makes you a better student, so you can learn more efficiently throughout all of med school. Because as Duvernay-Tardif, M.D. and many others showcase, there is more to you than being a med student.



If you believe that what Duvernay-Tardif accomplished is extraordinary, we ask you to stand alongside us and sign our petition to allow him to add “M.D.” to his jersey.