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OnlineMedEd’s Scholarship for Future Black Physicians – Details

A woman wearing her cap and gown, walking down a sidewalk A woman wearing her cap and gown, walking down a sidewalk

Last week, in the wake of global Black Lives Matter protests brought on by the killing of George Floyd, we committed to launching a $12,000 scholarship for a Black medical student. Today, we are happy to reveal the details of the OnlineMedEd’s Scholarship for Future Black Physicians. 

This scholarship signifies OnlineMedEd’s belief in—and continued support of—education in the health sciences for the Black community. Graduating more Black doctors and healthcare professionals is a critical step in closing the health disparity gap between Black communities and their white counterparts. Like many people and organizations worldwide, we want to do our part to help Black students on their medical school journey. 

Through this $12,000 scholarship, we’re hoping to lessen the financial burden that many Black students face when they embark on a career in the health professions, and to empower them to serve the healthcare needs of their often underserved communities.

The scholarship is available to any American Black medical student studying in the US or the Caribbean from incoming first-year students to current students with at least one academic year remaining in their studies. 

Through our application process, we want to learn from these students why they want to become doctors, what they believe needs to be done to address racial disparities in healthcare, and what impact a scholarship like this will have on them. We’ll learn this through a series of written answers to questions we pose as well as a video where we get to hear directly from the applicants. 

If you’re interested in applying, great! Head over to our application form to get started. You can also read through our Terms and Conditions, and answers to some frequently asked questions

We will periodically check in with the recipient of this scholarship to see how their med school adventure is progressing and share their impressions with the OnlineMedEd community, either on our blog or by video. 

Good luck! We can’t wait to hear and learn from you!