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For Step 2, COMLEX Step 2 and Shelf Exams, The Right Schedule at the Right Time

Scheduler with To-Do List Scheduler with To-Do List

How many times have you had to borrow, copy, or search for a study schedule for your upcoming Step 2, COMLEX Step 2, or Shelf Exams?

It’s a situation many med students find themselves in as they prepare for these stressful exams, and finding the right schedule can be a deciding factor in how meaningful your study sessions are.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing or creating a schedule. Does the schedule review the right things? Does it effectively assess what you know? Is the intensity and cadence right for your timeline, and performance goals?

To create a schedule that answers all these questions with a resounding “YES,” we worked with our own medical knowledge expert, Dr. Dustyn Williams, to help us build schedules for medical students studying for their upcoming exams.  

A gif showing the onboarding process of creating a schedule using Scheduler

We combined all the years of experience Dr. Williams has had helping medical students create Scheduler, into an intuitive new tool that combines the ingenuity of Dr. Williams’s medical knowledge with the power of our PACE learning modality to help you create a schedule that is effective, focused, and customizable. 

Scheduler is available to all clinical premium subscribers who are looking to take Step 2, COMLEX Step 2, and Shelf Exams. We’ll be adding Step 1 exams soon. 

A Few of Scheduler’s Key Features

First, it allows you to set your own timeline and intensity to reach your goals.

You tell us how long you have before the exam and how intensely you want to study, and we’ll rate the highest-yielded content to help you achieve whatever score that you’re striving for as well as the highest-rated content for review during Shelf. Shooting for a 260? Let Scheduler know, and it’ll build a study plan to get you there.  

Secondly, since everyone has their own individual goals and style, we’re empowering students to customize their own schedules.

Whether it’s to move your lessons to a Cram Day because you want to celebrate Festivus in July or if you’d rather spend your Saturdays getting sucked into Reddit threads than reviewing, the choice is yours. 

We’ll continue to track your progress throughout the course of your study schedule to show you what’s remaining, what’s been done, and allow you to add or remove things depending on your confidence in a topic.  

The best part of this new schedule tool is that it’s free.

So go ahead and make your own personalized schedule. You can thank Dr. Williams later after you scored that 260 or aced your Shelf. 

Your success is our success.  Keep on pushing and striving.