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Announcing OnlineMedEd’s 3rd Annual Scholarship for Future Black Physicians

A black doctor with crossed arms A black doctor with crossed arms

We are committed to making an impact on the world of medicine.


A big part of this work is focused on representation. Only 3.5% of physicians are Black, and those numbers are getting worse, not better.

To address this, we are announcing the launch of our 3rd Annual OnlineMedEd Scholarship for Future Black Physicians.  Last year, we received so many powerful applications from deserving students, we have decided to expand the awards we are offering.

  • One winner will receive a $12,000 scholarship to be applied toward their medical school education and a one-year OnlineMedEd membership
  • Three runners-up will receive a free one-year OnlineMedEd membership
  • All applicants will receive a coupon for 50% off a one-year OnlineMedEd Core membership or a one-year Road to Residency Bundle when the winner is announced

We’re accepting applications from US-based Black medical students between now and June 4th. Details on the scholarship (who qualifies and how to submit an application) can be found here.

” … as physicians, we see the result of inequities before anything else.  I believe that, because we have the ability to see them before anyone else, we have the responsibility to act on them.”

—Cedric Mutebi, 2022 Scholarship Winner


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