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After The Match: Continue to Make Your Cat Proud

A woman giving her cat a kiss on the face A woman giving her cat a kiss on the face

You may have had to celebrate Match Day alone with your cat, but hey, you matched! And you might have even participated in OME Match Day Live! and gotten a shout-out. Because although you were stuck at home, your accomplishment deserved to be shouted from the proverbial social rooftops!

P.S. If you haven’t celebrated yet, please get on that immediately. You deserve it! We can wait…

Okay, first things first. We want to know where you matched, like meow! Tell us here for your chance to win the Case X + Intern Bootcamp bundle (a $399 value).

We hope you win, but if not, everyone who uses the Intern Bundle to prepare for residency is a winner. It’s your best bet for hitting the ground running on day one, something not all med students are aware they need to do.

Many students go into their internship expecting just that—to be students. They imagine having guidance and support in becoming the best doctor they can be. That a mentor (or several) will see past their green, eager exterior to all of their vast, extraordinary potential.

But the reality is a bit different…

The show Scrubs, anyone? Side note, this is probably the best time to binge-watch all the seasons. Not just because it will show you your future, but because #quarantine.

Okay, back to the point. Residencies actually expect you to enter with a fair amount of knowledge and view you as less of a student and more like an employee. You are no longer expected to simply follow instructions, but to carve your place as a physician—to take initiative, find your own groove, and truly develop your day-to-day as a doctor.

So how do you make the shift from student to expert intern before you even become one? Practice—seeing the patients, discerning what information is relevant, and being forced to answer questions that have no clear solution. And how do you do that without patients? Case X shows you how to apply clinical reasoning with real patients, real questions, and real experience online. It’s a safe space without a time limit or wrong answer resulting in patient harm.

Bridging the gap also takes the right tools and not just the medical variety. Our Intern Bootcamp reviews everything from time management, bureaucracy, and stress management—all the things they won’t tell you outright, and that will save you some blood, sweat, and tears discovering for yourself. And if you want to get extra fancy, the Intern Guide is your quick resource for accessing the info from Intern Bootcamp, all from the pocket of your white coat.

In closing, we just want to say that we’re proud of you. And we’re sure your cat is, too (even if you don’t have one, the OME cat is proud of you). Please take this time to celebrate, feel proud, and picture your biggest, brightest future. Also, get back to feeling human. You might not be able to travel right now, but you can relax, binge-watch all the shows, and have virtual happy hours with friends. It’s important to spend this time being yourself because soon, you won’t just be you, you’ll be The Doctor.

And oh yeah, before that TV binge, kindly fill out this survey and let us know where you matched! We’re still curious…