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A Medical Student’s Guide to Wedding Planning

Written by May 17, 2019

Life as a medical student is stressful, to say the very least. Planning a wedding is also stressful. Doing both at the same time? Surprisingly, this is actually manageable! Today, I’ll be walking you through a step-by-step guide to tackle wedding planning as a medical student. First of all – CONGRATULATIONS! How very fun and exciting it is for you and your partner to be at this point in your relationship! The core of this guide is remembering how fortunate you two are as a couple and that when all seems to be going wrong, you still have each other.

Step 1 – Talk with your partner.

There are so many layers to wedding planning, from guest size to flowers, from cake flavor to music. It’s important to have a discussion and make sure the two of you are on the same page regarding the basics.

Step 2 – Reach out to your medical student deans.

You will most likely not be the first medical student of your school to get married. Deans have a lot of valuable advice and input into what time of the year has worked the best for previous students. Some common times for weddings include the gap between first and second year, between second and third year (right after Step 1), any of your winter breaks, and near the end of fourth year, post-match.

Step 3 – Discuss finances.

Since medical students make a salary of $0.00, you most likely will be needing some financial support. Talk with the people who may be supporting this wedding – parents, partner’s parents, grandparents, etc. It’s important to set up an estimated budget early so you know what things you can splurge on and accommodate versus what things must go.

Step 4 – Create a wedding website.

There are a number of different Instagram accounts and websites out there ( and to name a few) that are designed to serve as a FREE digital wedding planner. If a wedding planner is in your budget (see step #3), then you can bypass this step. For the typical student, this is a great resource that keeps you organized and on time with the many deadlines that come with planning as wedding.

Step 5 – Capitalize on study breaks.

While keeping school your number one priority, make your study breaks the time where you delve into Pinterest. Set timers so you don’t fall into the black hole of Instagram. Another piece of advice – using social media as inspiration is a great tool but try not to do so right before bed as your mind will continue to run.

Step 6 – Be on the lookout for deals and savings.

There are so many ways to save big while planning. First and foremost, a wedding on an off day or an off season can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. A Friday evening in February could be the way to go! Also, some vendors, like photographers or DJs, will have occasional sales. I recommend calling a preferred company and asking if they have seasonal discounts or any sales in the near future before booking.

Step 7 – HAVE FUN AND GET MARRIED. Self-explanatory.

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